A blog about wine, but why ?

          “A meal without wine is day without sun”: the picture tells all…or almost ! Because to say that wine is a passion would be an euphemism, and even a pleonasm, as it is the first motivation of all wine lovers. Then, how could I explain this enthusiasm for, after all, a “juice of grape” ? For a long time, I tried to find appropriates answers, but I didn’t succeed. So, I prefer to ask you a question:

How would you feel if the wine disappeared in this world or if, from one day to the next, you couldn’t drink this precious beverage ?

          If, after reading this scenario, which side “The silence of the lambs” appears like a kind Disney’s story, you start to sweat, to suffocate, with eyes rolling, close to the faint, or you open a really good vintage of your wine cellar to be sure that it’s just a nightmare, then you understand my enthusiasm and million people as well, which one you belong (ortherwise, you shouldn’t be here). But, supposing that disaster, I would like to create an entertaining area around this nectar, plenty of anecdotes, stories, culture, debates, … because, you may recall that wine is joy, love and pleasure ! So, in hundreds of years, after this “apocalyspe-wine”, people of that time will remember that the wine was…

Cheers !

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  1. Gombart says:

    chouette un blog qui ne se prend pas au sérieux!

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