Pour placer le bon mot au bon moment, avec son verre de vin !


Stop to do your whore of wine !

Today, it’s not politically correct ! Some wine tasters can let themselves go and to be far from the elegance and the subtlety (sometimes the boredom) of the oenological vocabulary. When a wine becomes a whore, welcome in the wine-producing Pat Pong ! You are at home, alone, after...

oeil de perdrix

For a wine, you have such a beautiful eye of partridge !

In the line of funny “wine words” after “fox” and “make up”, the wine can have an eye of partridge ! So no link with the callus which appears on the tiptoe: to drink a wine of foot, it’s exactly not the case…the foot But we will talk rather...


You “make yourself up” like…a women !

Because some wine are maked up like The Joker… Because Batman is a wine enlightened… This is the explaination of their rivalry… and the make-up of the wine !!! Originally, Batman, a simple Gotahm City’s well-of, was happy to spend his money to enjoy pleasures of life…as wine ! ...


A wine with a fox taste !?!

Rouky: “You drunk wine again ?” Rox: “Er…how do you know ?” Rouky: “Because you “fox” !” That’s right ! Our two young heroes have grown. After their moment of glory, they haven’t known to transfer, noone contacted them again and the inevitable happened: Rox started to drink !...