The alcoholic way back of Lord Nelson…

After the stories (more or less extraordinaries… :-( ) of a rooster, a tsar and an Emperor, this is one of the alcoholic way back of a Lord. But not anyone: Lord Nelson.


We are in 1805 and the whole Europe is frightened by a little man of 1m68: Napoléon Ist. His dream ? To conquer the Europe, especially the impregnable England. Obliges by the insulation, he sends the fleet to fight against these British, close to Trafalgar (south point of Spain…french ally). The English fleet is headed by Nascido Horatio Nelson, well-known as Lord Nelson. Brilliant strategist, he puts in full rout the French fleet the 21st of October 1805. But in the chaos of the battle, he gets a bullet from a french musketman. And after 3 hours of agony, dies. It looks stupid not to enjoy the fame of your victory because you are…death. In fact, after this defeat, Napoleon Ist won’t try a new conquest. But let’s come back to our Lord.







The tradition would say to throw the death body in the sea. But the officers decide to bring back the Lord in order to the Nation pays him tribute. Problem: it takes many weeks to come back, so how to preserve the body ? The salt ? Too expensive. The alcohol ? Hem, why not… Not think twice, a barrel is filled by cognac (or brandy) and plunge the body inside. However, the crew didn’t anticipate this additional “portion” of alcohol. And some sailors are private of their daily ration. Never mind, they serve themselves directly at the root and almost empty the barrel…  But say that it’s the beginning of the “rum arrangé”, there is a barrier that I am not going to cross. But, as shows the front picture, some did it 😉


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