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A paranoiac tsar behind the Cristal of Roederer…

In keeping with, aftere the cock of Chianti, in the category “winystorical anecdot”, this is one of the tsar, which the paranoia is behind a legendary champagne: Cristal of Roederer !

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If you have never seen a bottle of Cristal of Roederer, here are two pictures to solve two mysteries: the transparent color of the bottle and its flat bottom… wich will do its fame, unlike Jennifer Lopez. Who is behind its fault ? The gentleman below, Alexandre II, tsar of Russia from 1855 to 1881. Each year, this man with a moustach orders 60% of the production of the Maison Louis Roederer. But tired to drink the same champagne of his paupers of the Court, a day of 1876, he orders to the famous producer a prestigious champagne. Not think twice, Louis creates a champagne with his 10 best crus of his production. Up to this point, nothing unusual for a tsar. But this good guy Alex has to specifics applications: a bottle in crystal of Baccarat and a flat bottom !?! The official version says that reserving this bottle for a table covered by a white linen, nothing has to hide or disrupt the delicacy and the elegance of this nectar. A transparent bottle, without relief, is perfect to admire it. This version is for the children ! As one might say, the truth is out there…



Slightly paranoiac…or almost (still around ten attacks during his reign), his demands are strategics. He wants a transparent bottle to check that no poison was put inside. Not daft… As for the flat bottom, it avoids to hide a bomb or an explosive in the bottle. QED ! A legendary champagne is born, that you can obtain for the modest sum of 200€ 😉 As to our tsar, this story couldn’t help him and died…murdered in 1881.


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