I would take a glass of malbec again…(3/5)

I left you with an outstanding Torrontès, so we are going to follow our Mendoza’s wine road with a wine…of Mass !?!


On the road again without knowing my next step, I note a small family bodega, , as sweet family name. Why not ? Excellent, I come across the only Argentinian bodega which produces, since 1939, a certified wine of Mass. Then, she can furnish all the churches nearby to drink the Christ’s blood. It’s a blend of tempranillo, bonarda and malbec, 2 years oaked, and then fortified to 17%.

As a reminder “fortification”: stop the fermentation of the wine, adding an alcohol to kill the yeasts (whose don’t hold your drink 😉 and to conserve the sugar. Then, you have an alcoholic and sugary wine, like a Porto.

For those the Mass isn’t their cup of tea, you can drink it as an aperitif or with a delight roquefort too. Let’s know, even so, that you will drink a papal wine, because it was blessed by Jean-Paul II himself in 2000, during a Mass at Rome. No less… So, after this makeover, I head for another family bodega, next door: Adrover.








Another atypical place with my first biodynamical wine-grower in Argentina (quiet rare in Mendoza), whose the main production is the…Merlot !?! Of course, he makes some malbec too, but he is well-known for his merlot. Organic yeast, without filtration, french oak, 1 year in the ciment, 60 days of malolactic, … then, a big job and a good one. Shady close to the vines, I taste a pleasant Barbera (from the North of Italy), garnet with a fruity nose and spicy and structured palate. 5€, you don’t take a big risk…


Likewise, for those who appreciate a wine more full-bodied, with sweet spice (vanilla, cinnamon), the blend Sauvignon/Malbec is made for you…5€ too ! And for a tiny upper price (10€), you have a Merlot Reserva more complex, with a vegetable note more refined, for price-quality ratio which is worth the trip! Thank you Damien for this friendly visit, outside of the classic way of the Argentinian production. But there is hurry before the show, then I don’t linger more…I really want to see this famous Achaval Ferrer. Why famous ? This bodega was many times awarded, with laudatories reviews from Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) or Wine and Spirits. The star ? Finca Bela Vista, judged as one of the best Malbec of the world.



The arrival is wonderful, the site exquisite with the Andes’ view, a warm welcoming and the tasting room on a par with the reputation. All promise to be perfect…until the guide. He hit the jackpot of the arrogance…far ahead Alain Delon ! “His” wine, obviously, is the best of the world, when we ask for a technical question, he doesn’t remain on because it’s would be too difficult and if we don’t smell that he is smelling, we are like idiot. Then, unbearable, with a undrinkable tasting. Well, it’s true that the amosphere influences the perception of the wine and I would like to start again in an other place, more quietly. But anyway, the basic model (Quimari) is not really seducing, the famous Bela Vista closed and the last one Mirador, the worst Malbec tasted in Mendoza. Without tanins, dry and thin !!! I admit that mister Malbec isn’t my favourite variety, but I can make the difference with the others, and I don’t think it’s worth a huge disparity of price. A minimum of 30€ til 100€ for the Bela Vista. Last visit and the most disappointing of Mendoza…hopefully, Vendimia is waiting for me.


Traditional celebration from the beginning of the XVI c., it takes its origin from the colonisation. The import of the wine from Europe being expensive, the Spanish decided to produce a wine, locally, especially for the wine of Mass…again. Then, started the celebration of the Mendoza’s wine, during the harvest with songs, dances, food and the election of the most beautiful grape picker woman. But it’s in 1936 that the “Fiesta Nacional Vendimia” sees the day, officially, thanks to the Minister of the Industry Franck Romero Day. Year after year, the show becomes richer, whose the peak is today, as a tradition, the election of the Queen of Vendimia ! Taking place in an amphitheatre building in 1963 (named Franck Romero Day), it’s simply splendid !!! I let you enjoy some pictures, with a short bonus video at the end, and for the next one, we go in the Aconcagua Valley, the heart-stopper of the travel…



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